Oregon Park Appaloosas

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Ultimate Sophistikation 2013 filly SOLD!

2013 AAA registration pending filly by Ultimate Affair (imp USA) out of Oregon Park Sophie Stekat. Negative PSSM1, HYPP/ HERDA by pedigree. (haven't tested for others but can if you like, will mature to around 15.2 hh or more. Lovely nature, stunning look at me presence.Excellent yearling versatility prospect and most colourful at halter! Priced to sell at $3500. you can pay a whole lot more for a whole lot less!!! Eligible APR2. can be registered sportaloosa as well. FULL SISTER to Australia's hi-point colt 2 yrs and under, ROM Halter, and Qld/NT Hi point halter horse shown by Awesome Appaloosas. If your'e looking for quality AND colour- here she is.
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